Top movies you will find on any Fanlisting

Think of any Fanlisting of movies, and there are probably a few movies that pop up every single time. Here are ones that would be no surprise to anyone to be on.

1.Forrest Gump- Yup, you can’t miss with the Gump. A movie that I can watch any time it’s on TV, it will never get old. From grandparents to grandchildren, this movie transcends age and is just an all around classic.

2. Star Wars- Use the force Luke! There might not be anyone left in the world (other than in North Korea), who hasn’t heard of Star Wars. Pick any of the first three and you can’t miss. These are true works of art, and will be on most fanlistings that you see.

3. Toy Story- Have to throw in the animated classic that changed the movie industry. Pixar took a massive risk on this, and it paid off for all of us. There is no snoring with this one, even without a Zyppah mouthpiece! Woody and the gang will find themselves on anyones fanlisting.

4. Talladega Nights- Comedy! You have to throw one of these in. This is a recent one, and something everyone and their mother has seen in a short time. Still finds itself on TV all the time and the laughs never get old.