Top songs for your Fanlisting

Everyone knows their favorite song right off the bat. You can sing the whole thing, and can start from any point in the the song no matter where you’re at or who you’re with. Which ones are the best to be on everyones fanlisting?

1. American Pie- Across all generations, this song is known by all. You can sing it as loud as you can in a bar, or driving quietly on a country road. Very easy to remember, and nice flow. Might not be at the top, but everyone should love this song.

2. Wonderwall- The cult classic you will hear at every college party ever. This is a can’t miss. For as overplayed as it is, it still is a pretty good song. One of the first I learned to play on the guitar (of course).

3. Hey Jude- This one is for the old timers. The Beatles came in like a wrecking ball a very long time ago, with a way different sound than the tones you do today like Wholetones. Not only for your parents, trendy hipsters love to love the Beatles as well.

4. Stairway to Heaven- Can’t miss the rock. This is the tune that rocked stadiums for the golden age of rock. Silky smooth and tons of fans from the genre. Get to jammin’ on the axe and add it to your fanlisting.