Best places to make your fanlisting


We can’t all just sit in our rooms all day. Where is the best place you like to sit and think?

1. At work- No one at work actually wants to be there working on stuff. Sneak off and surf the net a little bit to make a listing, or take a note pad into the bathroom with you and jot down some notes. Can’t hurt (unless you do it all day, that is).

2. Outside- Ah, the great outdoors. The birthplace of free thinking. You can always get a clean thought out here for your fanlisting unless you’re in a city, or you’re around some Ringworm (grab some Phytozine if that’s the case).

3. In the tub- Relaxing, free of people, no rush.  A very excellent place to be alone and write out your favorite lists. Get nice and soapy and take a few hours to do whatever you please.

4. In bed- I know I said outside of the room, but dang if this isn’t the best place I know to get your thoughts out. Either first thing in the morning or right before bed, make some fanlistings and hit the hay.