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Researching and blogging: How they can help students

When it comes to writing most blogs, even if they are on your inner ramblings on life and your imagination, some level of research is required. As a blogger myself, I can attest to this. If you want to write a blog about any subject that isn’t inside of your own head, sometime spent in the library or on the web will be useful.

Even if it’s basic, researching to at least see if what you are writing has been done before must be done for any blog, while advanced research is required if your blog is dealing with politics, history, and several other advanced topics.

Now research does leave a massive feeling of dread in the students who hear it, however, what if they were researching something that they actually enjoyed for their own blog? By learning how to research a subject that they enjoy, the skills they pick up and make them much more efficient researchers and teach them how to find resources.

The value of good research

For any blog that requires it, students can’t just go to the local Wikipedia page and start copying the info that they find there. Blogs have to often have info from many credible and unbiased sources to focus on the facts, especially if the blog focuses on politics or news.

Information often requires students to seek out high-quality articles and websites and is also a good way for them to understand primary and secondary sources, as well as why they matter. By researching and trying to understand what makes certain articles valuable for research purposes and others not reliable.

If students are forced to look at the reliability of articles through the lens of something they enjoy, it can help consolidate the lesson even more. It’s a lot more interesting to determine which website about animal care is more valuable for your blog than doing the same thing with science equation websites for a blog post.

Other research benefits

In addition to finding correct sites to do research, it’s also important for students to be able to organize that research correctly. It doesn’t matter how interesting the topic is, or how passionate the writing is, because no one wants to read a list of facts without anything else in between.

Blogs aren’t like school essays or research papers, because they are supposed to be informal and personal, while also full of information or a lesson. Blogs can help students deal with this hybrid of personal and informational storytelling.


By not only writing blogs but also researching for them, students can learn valuable life skills about how to discover and present new information both personally and professionally, which every single job will have them do at one point or another.

With a deep understanding of what good research is, the topics that you go into as a student will only get deeper as previously hidden facts are uncovered, and the passion of the blog shines through.