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Why students should blog

Why students should blog

Blogging seems to be one of the best ways to get into the writing business. It’s a good way to get business and opinions out there, and it can be fun once a community is built around it. However, most people don’t get into blogs until they leave school.

Blogging as a supporting education tool is completely beneficial for students and teachers alike to not only get students interested in the subjects that are being taught, but also to help improve a student’s writing skills, confidence, and the way that they think.

Combining creativity and learning

Most schools only have very limited aspects of creativity, with everyone forced to take the same test or present the information in the same way. However, blogs allow each student to express themselves while also using what they’ve learned. Blogs aren’t just for typing anymore.

Good blogs would contain links to social media channels, videos, images, and a certain theme. Imagine being able to do a music video on a report, or draw and post an image of a science project, or connect everything that you post to a certain hashtag? All that and far more can be done with a blog, helping students individualize themselves.

Writing trains your brain

In addition, writing trains your brain, and writing every single day on a dedicated forum not only builds confidence but also makes writing better. By regularly writing five hundred or more words a day, the brain grows, almost as if writing is an exercise regimen.

Writing more and more on a blog can also help when writing assignments come into play, increasing vocabulary and sentence structure for the longer assignments, as well as training you to have a higher writing endurance.

Confidence and expression

As stated before, blogging allows students to show off their talents, thoughts, and imagination not just to teachers and classmates, but also to a wider audience of like-minded bloggers and writers. In addition, blogs and just being able to communicate desires to the outside world can help students grow their confidence.

Blogs can give students a sense of community and importance in the wider world, while also helping written communication improve and letting students learn how to write on the web properly. The need for expression is something that all schools need to consider making an important because the world needs more expressive people.

By ensuring that students can blog and cultivating the desire to communicate within them, teachers and other adults can not only make school more fun but can also make each class day different as students express themselves with everything that they have.

Natural writers will soon shine in the classroom, with other less writing inclined students moving to express themselves through videos and diagrams and projects, ensuring that no classroom is ever alike and every student can be supported in their ventures.

Schools need to embrace the benefits that blogging can hold for their students because that love of writing might just create the next author that knows worldwide fame.